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Optical Services

Optical Services

Frame Brands & Styles

Frames are designed in many colors, shapes, and styles. It isn't a one frame fits all situation. Our frame selection reflects the needs of all, and our staff is trained to find one (or more) that are made just for you!

Lens Designs & Materials

Glasses are customized for YOU! From the plastic material the lens is made from to the design of the lens, whether you want to upgrade your vision with a digital or aspheric lens, and down to the coatings that protect and enhance your vision. We can recommend the best option for YOU and your prescription!

Sun Protection Options

UV light causes many eye problems! Several options exist to protect your eyes including: Transitions to prescription sunglasses, and more.

Glasses in an optical shop.jpg
Eyeglasses lenses ,Damaged by scratching
Round Sunglasses
Image by Victor Xok
Sports Eye Wear

Different sports require different eye wear. Some require correction that is impact resistant, while others require correction with specialty tints. Find out what options exist for you and your sport(s).

Image by K8
Computer Glasses

Vision requirements for viewing a computer or digital device are different than that required for most other tasks. Glasses can be made or modified to make computer use less bothersome.

Carpenter working on an electric buzz sa
Safety Glasses

Many tasks put your eyes at risk of damage from grinding metal to working with caustic chemicals, and much more. Protect your eyes with safety glasses!

Eyedroppers. Closeup view. Very high res
Miscellaneous Products

This is the place to find any eye, contact lenses, or glasses specific products!

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